University of Pittsburgh Archive

For a web-based resource of regional demographic indicators and in-depth reports on selected topics

For a multi-state professional development effort that trains teachers to infuse entrepreneurship into middle and high school curricula (over two years)

To expand the course offerings of a Southern Regional Education Board college-preparatory career education program

To host, in Pittsburgh, an international conference on innovations in science, technology, and learning

For student-designed theater productions that are integrated into language arts, social studies, science, technology, and visual art classes (over two and half years)

To help rural counties increase participation by underrepresented and vulnerable populations in the 2020 Census

For an enhancement of Innovation Works’ manufacturing incubator, AlphaLab Gear, to include ethical practices planning

To help rural communities address blight and deteriorated properties through training and technical assistance

For a youth-created public art installation in a Hazelwood park

To integrate jazz into music, history, and language arts classes using teaching artists and college music majors