What We Fund

For any state, children are a priceless “natural resource.” They are tomorrow’s workforce, leaders, policy-makers, and parents. They will control the future. That’s why it is essential to optimize children’s health, to shape policies and practices that will help kids develop to their fullest potential.

HEALTH. West Virginia will benefit when all families have access to high-quality health care. The best possible resources are required for families to raise their children to be productive members of their communities.

Emphasis in this program area is placed on innovations in health care delivery systems, a strengthening of the public health infrastructure, and community-based health promotion; especially regarding chronic disease prevention and management. Collaborative efforts involving communities, businesses, and public agencies are encouraged through technical assistance, program development, research, and public policy. Current specific areas of interest include:

  • Support for a healthier quality of life for West Virginians through access to affordable health care, preventive health services, state-level policy development, and quality care systems across the lifespan.
  • Ensuring a system of accessible and affordable health care for children, and the promotion of healthy development and child-focused public policy.
  • Address social drivers of health to promote health and well-being.