What We Fund

Consider the issues Americans face today: national and personal debt, global warming, homeland security, stem cell research... Whatever the topic or circumstance, intelligent decisions—at home, at work, and in the voting booth—are best made from a foundation of basic scientific and mathematical competence.

EDUCATION. The Benedum Foundation seeks to promote successful learning through the formal education system. Academic achievement and preparation for the 21st-century workforce are the ultimate objectives of this program.

The Foundation places a high priority on teacher quality and the most advanced instructional tools. Because schools do not function in isolation, the Foundation also looks to the resources of community organizations, business, and higher education to reinforce the learning objectives of the classroom. In preparation for the rising demands of the workplace, the Foundation recognizes the need for all students to enter some form of post-secondary education.

Although the Foundation is interested in any significant opportunity to improve the education system, specific areas of interest include:

  • Programs that improve teacher quality through professional development and innovative instructional strategies.
  • Arts education, the integration of arts into other disciplines, and the partnership of community arts groups and higher education with the PreK-12 education system.
  • Career education that aligns secondary and post-secondary programs to high-demand, high-wage occupations.