COVID-19 Overview

Approaching $6.5 Million in Response Grants

In our 75 years of serving West Virginia and Southwestern Pennsylvania, the Claude Worthington Benedum Foundation has worked carefully with our grantees during times of war recovery, economic volatility and community crisis. The COVID-19 pandemic is raising new concerns that will undoubtedly affect many of our grantees who will need to navigate the future in a new way.

The Benedum Foundation has been reaching out to our vast network to see how we can best help. Many of the fundamental organizations that work statewide as core intermediaries are stepping up to meet this crisis head on. We have adapted our own giving priorities for the year to support a COVID-19 response that supports the gaps arising in health, education and community resiliency.

We appreciate the partnership we have with many of our peer foundations during this time.

A list of our grants and the COVID-19 priorities they support can be found here.